Divorce Care

Divorce Care
Divorce Care
Working with the family through divorce
Divorce care.
What do we mean by that…? 
There are several areas that we try to address:
1. When a couple has decided to divorce – we work with that couple to find the best way for them, to address this with the kids. No one wants to damage their child. No one. So figuring out the best way to address it in each individual situation is something we help with.

2. We work with children to help them find a place of understanding and healing from the breakup of their parent’s marriage. It is difficult. It is very challenging. And every child deals with this uniquely. We use whatever we need to use to connect with the child on every level – from play therapy, to ‘ping pong’ therapy (talking while playing ping pong!), to just sitting on the couch and talking. We are there to help in this difficult and personal time for the kid.
3. We work with the couple to give them the ongoing tools to work with their kids as ‘single’ parents in the home.

4. We work in the ongoing issues that come up in working together in a two-home environment.

5. We work to keep the parent/child relationship strong and well – believing that every kid has the right to feel that no matter what, they have the best, most loving Mom in the world, and they have the best and strongest Dad in the world. Every kid deserves this. No matter what has happened. And no kid should have that taken away – even kids of divorce. In some situations - that has been taken away, and of course, we work with those kids to deal with that very complicated grief.
6. We work with the child to make the adjustments that are required, from new living arrangements, possibly new schools, new visitation schedules, and potentially new people in their lives living under the same roof. Adjustments are hard and are difficult – even for kids. We try to help them learn to cope, manage, and successfully move past these changes.

Divorce is hard. Divorce is challenging. We want to help the parent, the child – the family, move through this transition (and sometimes it is an ongoing transition) as successfully as possible.
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