ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching
ADHD/Academic Coaching
With Rebecca Schnitzer, MA-ACC
ADHD Coaching may benefit a student who isn’t doing well in school or who isn’t motivated to learn because of problems related to their ADHD, namely attentionhyperactivity, and impulsivity. An ADHD or Academic Coach can be especially helpful with specific study and organizational skills and strategies to increase school motivation and output. Coaching is often part of a multi-disciplinary approach (works as part of a team of other professionals) to addressing all areas of development and success of the child/student.
A common problem area parents see with their child is a lack of motivation to complete homework assignments in a timely manner, if at all, as well as difficulty getting started on a project or a paper. A recurring problem is seen in the area of procrastination or forgetting to write things down in a planner. Difficulties may also be seen in social skills or making and keeping friends. 

Most parents bring their child to ADHD coaching to help crystallize school-related areas due to ADHD, and then talk about concrete academic strategies to change the approach that has not been working. 
ADHD (student) or Academic coaching takes place within developmentally appropriate conversations, yet coaching conversations have special qualities that set them apart from regular conversations. When you’re having a regular conversation, you really don’t know where it’s going to take you. However, in a coaching conversation you have an environment, a structure of focused intention, the student’s or client’s agenda, methods and models, and some desirable outcomes you’re both striving for. So, a coaching conversation then is a purposeful interaction or quest with a goal of creating awareness and imitating action for long-term change.
If you would like to explore further about ADHD Coaching or Academic Coaching, please call our office at 972-250-1700, and we will put you in touch with Rebecca. You may also email at
Here is a suggested link for Parenting Tips concerning ADHD: 

Parents can sign up to CHADD's magazine called Attention 2.0 which is delivered every month or so. It's got tips and many, many ADHD resources.

Here is a suggested link for a brain training website: 

Studies have shown that increasing the neural plasticity of the brain can improve working memory, which is beneficial for those with ADHD. Each game focuses on strengthening different parts of the brain and its function.
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