Beckloff Pediatric Behavioral Center
A Counseling and Educational Center for kids, teens, and families!
Where Kids Become Kids ... Again!


Welcome to Beckloff Pediatric Behavioral Center! We're a counseling and educational center focused on helping kids and teens. In fact, that's our specialty!!! We work with kids, teens, and their families- specialists in working with kids to promote good, healthy development. Our focus with kids? We want to help children grow emotionally mature and psychologically mature. We work alongside the child or teen with difficulties in anxiety, mood issues, behavioral concerns, and those unique students with ADHD and other neurobiological differences. And a whole lot more! We get involved in the kid's school, visiting and helping out with the teacher as well as any ARD meeting. We teach social skills to children and teens, helping with self-esteem and confidence building. We offer ADHD coaching to help with homework, organizational skills, and life skills. We also offer speech therapy services to help children and teens as well. And, of course, always, in the context of the family....working to help the child and teen to be a functioning member of the family. We want the entire family to benefit, and give special care to help parents find ways to help their kid. We do everything we can to help get a kid back on track, whether that is in the family, social or school arena. Come on in and let us get to work!


Because we are a center – we can provide a number of different ways to connect with kids in counseling. We have several therapists on staff who are each unique individuals trained to use their unique personality to help kids and families. We have several different play therapy rooms – and use the one that is most fitting for any particular kid. We have a number of options for teens – from sitting in a ‘regular’ room with couch and chairs, to playing ping pong on the ping pong table while talking, or chatting while playing pool at the pool table or playing a game on Wii. We have an art room to allow for artistic expression of feelings, and some of us connect over baking cookies with the kids! For parents we have regular meeting rooms with couches and easy chairs, to a conference room when we need a table to sit at. We have rooms for groups to work on social skills together. We have a ‘snack bar’ where kids can pick up a snack and some lemonade or water when they come in (or coffee for the grown ups!) – and when you leave, any kid of any age can pick up a piece of candy on the way out!!


Q. How do I get started? 

A. Simply email, and we will return your email promptly. You can also call the office at 972-250-1700, and a courteous person will assist you. They will get a few of the details needed, and will schedule you with an appointment date.


Q. Is my information confidential?

A. Absolutely! We are required to comply with the greatest of confidentiality. The reason? So that you can feel assured, safe, and at ease in dealing with whatever the issue might be.