Therapeutic Academic Tutoring

Therapeutic Academic Tutoring
At the BPBC Center we are now offering therapeutic tutoring and homework help. Tutoring is a way to increase understanding and master in a specific subject while gaining a useful skill set. At the BPBC Therapeutic Tutoring Center, we have Certified Tutors who represent years of quality teaching experience in all areas of elementary, middle school, and high school subjects. What makes it therapeutic? Simple: we will pair a therapist with a tutor- with each student- to work on the issues of self esteem, motivation, and confidence with academics! We will provide tutoring and work on the inner motivation to succeed! Our tutors will meet wit the student weekly, and then a therapist will be paired with the student to work on motivation, feeling successful, moving towards success in academics, grades, and more!
How We Can Help......
At the BPBC Therapeutic Tutoring Center, we will identify the primary areas of concern through assessments, and then devise an Action Plan.
Math Skill Building:

The Math Process is often graded more than even the correct answer. Emphasis then, will be on sequencing steps. Points matter!
Inferential Reading:
Once the reading fluency and decoding levels have been assessed, the focus will be on learning how to identify context clues in both Fiction/Non-Fiction sting to understand the larger message.
Your child will have the opportunity to meet with a licensed therapist to explore ideas to increase a lack of motivation which may be de to low self-esteem and negative self-talk. We want to instill a sense of, "I can do this!".
Science Fair & Other Long Term Projects:
Long term projects don't scare us! This is a great opportunity to learn the process of planning ahead, chunking and managing time, while having small successes along the way.
The Missing Link?
Often the missing link is a genuine lack of motivation- perhaps the most important ingredient that determines school success and overall satisfaction. "I'm stupid. I can't do this." Low self-esteem, negative self-talk, few academic successes, your child feeling like they are disappointing parents and teachers; it is no wonder homework can be a chore! We want to help your child smile when they talk about school!
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