Academic and ADHD Coaching

Academic and ADHD Coaching
Rebecca M. Schnitzer, ET/C, CACC, M.A.
Rebecca works as an Educational Therapist and Academic Coach with adults and children of all ages – primarily those diagnosed with ADHD and related learning differences.  She completed a combined Master’s degree in Early Childhood Disorders and Communication Disorders at The University of Texas at Dallas with additional training in the Academic Language Therapy Program at Southern Methodist University. She earned her certification as an ADHD Coach through the ADD Coach Academy in New York. Additionally, she completed certification as an Educational Therapist at The University of California at Riverside.

Since Educational Therapy is a relatively new discipline, Rebecca must often educate parents on how it may address challenges their child is facing.  The Association of Educational Therapists defines the following: An educational therapist is a professional who combines educational and therapeutic approaches for evaluation, remediation, case management, and communication/advocacy on behalf of children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities or learning problems.  Social and professional endeavors are often areas of difficulty for the individual with ADHD; therefore, on-going discussions of functional life skills are integrated into each session.  A program is outlined and customized for each student while considering the ADHD/LD diagnosis.  Areas that are addressed and remediated include note-taking and test-taking skills, organization of binders, notebooks and lockers, outlining for research paper assignments, reviewing MLA formatting style based on source cited, ACT/SAT test-taking strategies, and more!  Organization of the home study environment includes important considerations such as task lighting, storage, and ergonomics of seating, desk height and surface area.

Rebecca very much enjoys the vital input parents provide and enjoys working with entire families.  She brings a unique personal perspective, a sense of humor and a light-hearted spirit to coaching sessions.  Her strong fine arts background in art and interior design provide valuable insight into the "do’s and don'ts" to create the optimal home study environment. Rebecca is a member of CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD), The Association of Educational Therapists, The ADD Coach Academy, The Association of Professional Organizers, and she is an Allied member of The Association of Interior Designers.  
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