Activities to Promote Impulse Control, Self Esteem, and Self Reliance While Bonding With Your Child
2-3 year old children:
1. Running games where the child has to start and stop and start again! Try chasing your child around the living room with music or dancing like silly, fun, and free. Another great game is "red light, green light, freeze" this game promotes impulse control as well.J
2. Create a special box of art supplies for your child, designate a curtain area to create with your child and while you are allowing him/her to create resist the urge to correct or critique the child's product, this allows the child to experiment with rules and restrictions which promotes growth.

4-5 year old children:
1. Create experiences where your child can feel like a "Big Kid!" Allow your child to hand the cashier money, order at a restaurant, or set the table. This boosts self-esteem and confidence!
2. Work with your child to stay connected to other beloved family members who may not live close by (grandma, grandpa, aunts, and uncles). Have your child create interview question before these loved ones come to visit and email out to the relatives. This allows the child to have something to discuss when the relative comes to town and makes for a great memory!!!
6-7 year old children:
1. Promote writing skills and say "I love you," by having fun pens, paper, journals, ect available for them to write you messages and you to communicate back. Hide the special messages around the house as a game.
2. Create an elaborate meal time (you could dress up or eat something fancy!!). Then at the dinner make a game of table manners and etiquette, get your child to join in the fun. This promotes good social interactions at other people homes and in public!
8-12 year old children:
1. Promote positive self talk for boys and girls!!! Continually encourage their unique abilities and talents.
2. Create time to talk!! The car is a prime example where kids open up. Make these times count by creating a "safe zone." In this time frame your child can share and you will listen and simply reflect, while fighting the urge to correct their thoughts or behaviors. This promotes that you are a safe and trusted person to confide in!!!
1. Write a loving message on his or her bathroom mirror with soap/lipstick/expo marker. This is not invasive, but lets your teen know you notice and love them.
2. Attempt to have private individual time with your teen. This promotes trust and security with you as the parent.
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