Helping Your Child Cope With Fears
As a parent, helping your child cope with anxiety can be tricky at times. Fear is a natural emotion, one that is healthy and good. Yet fear that creeps in and becomes excessive and consuming 
leads to anxiety. There are many areas that cause stress and anxiety. Homework, school, bullies, family adjustments, concerns in the world, grades, and friends are just a few of a list of concerns that cause anxiety. Here are a few small ideas to help your family cope with the many stressful situations that come from anxiety. 
Have your musically gifted child play a musical instrument or listen to music. This can really help calm the anxious soul! 
Have your creatively inclined child make something, like an arts and craft project. This can help take the child's mind off of stress and build their self-esteem. 
Have your athletically inclined child exercise, run, or play. Then come back with your child and process their feelings and perceptions of the anxious event. 
Many times, anxiety can feel like a monster in the closet that keeps getting bigger and bigger. As parents, the simple ability to reflect with your child and process their feelings about the situation can really help keep the monster to size. 
We want our children to know that they are able to rise to the challenge, capable of success, and courageous to fight life's daily battles, whether that be school difficulties, social complexities or sibling rivalries. Anxiety communicates "I can't do it." "I don't have what it takes." "I'm too scared!" We can bring the message of courage and confidence to our children, speaking encouragement to our discouraged kiddos. "I believe in you. You have what it takes. You can do this."
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